Loyalty Level Point Drop Off


How do Loyalty Level Points drop off?
An average of the Loyalty Level Points that you earned between 31-60 days ago will drop off of your account daily and will be replaced by whatever points you earn on that day! Also, keep in mind that every Loyalty Level Point that you earn is entirely yours for 30 days.

For example:

If you have earned 6,000 Loyalty Level Points equally over the last 60 days, then you would have earned 3,000 points in the period between 31 and 60 days ago. To figure out the average, you would divide that by 30.

3,000/30 = 100         

In this example, you would have 100 Loyalty Level Points dropping off that day and your total Loyalty Level Points would be reduced by 100. This can also be seen in the table below.

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How do I determine how many Loyalty Level Points are going to drop off?

You can select a specific date range to see how many loyalty level points you have accrued during that time!


Click your My Account drop down


Click My Rewards


Scroll to the bottom of the page to "Loyalty Point Report". Then choose the date range that you want to calculate the points. Once you have done that click the “show” button.



Points at start of period = Points you had before wagering on the start date

Points accumulated from sportsbetting = Points that you earned from sports wagers

Points lost to decay = Points that have dropped off during that period

Points at end of period = Total points that you currently have. Calculated by taking the points you had at the beginning of the period, adding any that you earned from the sports book, then subtracting the points that fell off.

To calculate how many are dropping off run the report for 31-60 days ago and add points accumulated from sportsbetting then divide by 30! 

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How do I keep my Loyalty Level the same?

To keep your Loyalty Level the same, you would need to earn a minimum of the amount of Loyalty Level Points dropping off that day. Using the first example in the table above, you would need to earn 18.33 points that day to stay at exactly the same amount of Loyalty Level Points.

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If my Loyalty Level drops below level 7, am I still eligible for VIP benefits?

Unfortunately, you are only eligible for VIP benefits for as long as you maintain a VIP level. 

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If my Loyalty Level rises to above level 7, when am I eligible for VIP benefits?

The minute that your Loyalty Level reaches level 7, you are eligible for any VIP benefits that correspond to that level! 

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Do Bonus Store Points also drop off?

Bonus Store Points do not drop off. However, they do expire if they are still unused a year from the date they were earned.

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