How Do I Enable Push Notifications?

We have video guides on how to do that:

For Safari click here
For Firefox click here
For Android click here

For iOS:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Notifications
  3. Select the requisite app and allow notifications

If you cannot watch the video link please follow the steps below.

Open in your browser. Since we are optimized for Google Chrome we will be using that for this example.

In the top left hand side you will see the word “Secure” in green text. Click that link.


This will open a menu. Find where it says “Notifications” and click the dropdown.

From that dropdown please choose “Always allow on this site.”

When you have successfully completed that you will see the following pop-up. Reload the page and you are done!


Find your phones settings in the main menu of your device. In that screen there should be an option that is labeled “Notifications” or “Permissions”. Click that option.

Scroll down to find the SugarHouse App. Most of the time this will have a toggle option. If it is grey typically it is not turned on. Click the toggle and ensure it is pulled to the right.

On this device you have completed the challenge successfully when the toggle has been colored in.

(Please note: since it is impossible to show the options for all of the Android phones the example was completed on a Samsung device. You’re device may be slightly different. If you have any questions on that please pop into Live Chat and a representative can help guide you through this process.)




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